9/10/2006 & 9/12/2006 Bus Schedule - U.N. for Taiwan Night & U.N. Rally

9/10/2006 - U.N. for Taiwan Night

UN for Taiwan Night at Taiwan Center on Sunday 9/10. The group from Taiwan (TAIUNA) will join together. We have a dinner party. The dinner will start at 6:30 PM with $20 per person (we will subsidize the difference). The program will start right after the dinner, which will be around 7:30 PM. Prof. Lung-Chu Chen will be the main speaker and still thinking to have another one to speak (with 20 minutes each). Then there will be 60 minutes of cultural presentation with chorus, music and dances. Dance by aboriginal people from Taiwan, chorus and dance group from Dominican Republic to show their support. The evening program will be ended around 9:30 PM. 

Bus Schedule (U.N. for Taiwan Night at Taiwan Center bus picks time):

4:00 pm: JC Penny and Lord & Taylor, Quakerbridge Mall, Lawrenceville
4:30 pm: Sears at RT 1, New Brunswick

Dinner cost $20.00 and bus fee $10.00 per person.

9/12/2006 - U.N. Rally

9/12 we will have rally at Harmajore park in front of UN at 11 AM. 12:30 PM after light lunch, we will march to Chinese UN Mission (35th Street and 1st. Ave) for another protesting. Estimated end at 2:30 PM

Please join us to support Taiwan at the U.N. on 9/10 (Sunday) UN for Taiwan Night at Taiwan Center and 9/12 (Tuesday) U.N. Rally. 

This is the first Rally by our Taiwanese Group to push President Chen 
to use the name Taiwan to join U.N. Please show your support

Bus Schedule (U.N. Rally For 9/12 (Tuesday) Bus pick up time):

9:00 am: JC Penny and Lord & Taylor, Quakerbridge Mall, Lawrenceville
9:40 am: Sears at RT 1, New Brunswick. 

This bus is free. 


09-12-06 台灣加入聯合國大會 12 September 2006

















912 UN for Taiwan Event

11:00PM-12:30PM Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 47th St (1st/2nd Ave)
01:30PM-02:30PM Chinese UN Mission 35th St (1st/2nd Ave)

To Dag Hammarskjold Plaza: 4, 5, 6, S to 42nd St or E, V, 6 to 51st St

To Chinese UN Mission: 6 to 33th St(closer) or B, D, F, N, Q, R, V, W to 34th St

Please make a seat reservation.


Dr. Tsai 609-683-9693
Cary Chen 609-896-0528
Al-Lan Huang 732-878-0036
Shiu-Jen Chou 609-452-2457

Thank you very much !

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