支持台灣加入聯合國大聚會 - 站出來,讓世界聽到你的聲音,台灣的聲音 - 9/15/2007

UN Membership for Taiwan Rally

Dear All,

The UN for Taiwan Rally on 9/15/2007 is very important for our homeland Taiwan. Please help work out this event and let our plan 2,000 Taiwanese parade to Times Square New York City. Please call your friends or you children to support NewYork City 9/15/2007 Rally. Bus and lunch are free.

Why you should consider participating in this 2,000-people rally

  • A recent poll shows that over 75% of the people in our motherland support the UN membership for Taiwan and identify themselves as Taiwanese. You would have been one of them if the poll was taken here

  • Show to the world that the demand for Taiwan's participation in UN and self-determination is the right of the people living inside and outside of Taiwan

For local bus information to UN Rally 9/15/2007:

Toronto, Canada Jim Ts Cheng 905-731-3079    
Rochester Kenneth Hsu 585-475-2655    
New York City Pastcy Fang 708-834-8904    
N. New Jersey Andrew Yang 973-343-6118    
Central New Jersey Patty Lee 609-409-0478 Shiu-Jen Chou 609-452-2457
S. New Jersey Tsu Chou 856-392-9070 Grace Lin 856-424-4253
Philadephia Chin-Hin Liao 215-540-9536 Wen S. Chiu 610-687-0732
Washington DC Kwo-Long Lai 703-742-9350    
Boston Yih-Yuan Kao 781-856-2414    
Albany, NY  Leena Yang 518-464-4481    

For hotel and other information:

Yi-Miao Huang 718-445-7007
Hanna Liao 609-799-6043, 732-322-0390 (after 9/3/2007)
hongtien Lai


914-421-1416 (before 10 PM)

The program and schedule of 9/15/2007 UN for Taiwan rally will be:

The schedule of UN for Taiwan Rally on 9/15/2007 will be:

  • 8:00 AM - preparation and gathering.
  • 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM - rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, and instant direct telecommunication with Taiwan.

  • 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM - rally continue. Freddy will not be able to perform (they have to perform at North Carolina in the evening of 9/14/2007 and not enough time to prepare next morning) however, Freddy will fly to join the rally and make a speech instead (he makes good speech).
  • 11:00 AM - will start the parade to Times Square where a brass band will greet the marchers and disperse the crowd and end the rally. It takes 20 minutes to walk by yourself, but take over 1 hour to walk by 2,000 people.

Please note the event will be done at noon time, therefore, when you organize charter buses from your area, you can plan a half day trip around Manhattan before heading home. Planning sightseeing, Broadway shows or picnic etc. to make the trip more fun would encourage more people to attend. The cost of buses and lunch will be reimbursed. For the people from long distance need overnight on Friday night at nearby lodge, we will subsidize partial cost also (please let me know before 9/8/2007 to allocate the funding. Call Yi-Miao at 718-445-7007).
Our goal is to mobilize more than 2,000 fellow Taiwanese and their friends, young and old, to show up at the rally.
This will be a great opportunity to show our solidarity of Taiwan, not only to the International Community, but also to show our support directly to the people in Taiwan. Let's all start to invite friends to join this great event.

廖港民:台灣申請加入聯合國 反映強大民意 表示今年首度

以「台灣」名義申請加入聯合國 共有十六友邦國家連署支持提案












Peace Rally to support Taiwan's United Nations membership!

The United Nations is central to global issues and efforts on humanity and world peace. Please join us in the peace rally and parade to ask UN to open its doors to the people of Taiwan.

Time : Saturday, September 15th, 8am
Location: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan, New York (E. 47th St. & 1st Ave)

Take NYC subways: 4,5,6,S to 42nd St. or E,V,6 to 51 St.

Round trip buses available in many cities along the east coast. Please contact local Taiwanese American organizations or call the Taiwan Center at 718-445-7007.


台灣加入聯合國活動 九一五大動員 紐約高雄現場連線

9月15日週六 早上八點至十二點

紐約曼哈頓 聯合國前哈瑪紹廣場

為了聲援台灣首次以台灣名義申請加入聯 合國,我們將於聯合國前的哈瑪紹廣場舉行造勢活動,與高雄的現場連線,互相支持打氣,並遊行至時代廣場宣揚加入聯合國的理念。

紐約、紐澤西、華府、波士頓、紐約上州各地均備有巴士接送,報名請聯絡當地社團或台灣會館 718-445-7007。讓我們一起繼續努力,一起來達成台灣加入聯合國的願望!

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